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Sun, Jan 10, 2021
Passage: 1 Peter 1:4
Duration: 44 mins 13 secs
In this lesson we will discuss God's Personhood and some of the Attributes that demand judgment. We are partakers of God's Nature which makes us Holy and Divinely Righteous in the New Creation. The Krima Judgment will depend on how much we take on the Lord Jesus Christ through the Word.
Sun, Jan 10, 2021
Duration: 39 mins 15 secs
In this message we learn that our Salvation is dependent upon the Faith of Christ. The Faith of Christ was established by His complete dependence upon His Father in believing that He would bring Him up from the dark domain after His crucifixion.
Sun, Jan 10, 2021
We are reviewing the year of 2020 in vision viewpoints” We continued exposition of Hebrews chapter one wherein God in times past spoke through the prophets of His Son using divers” ways and manners. This included God speaking through Abraham and Israel for 2000 years before the birth of Christ as the volume of the book. Following Christ's virgin birth, God began speaking by His Son. In this message we covered the Star of Bethlehem and visitation of the Magi from the East who passed through Jerusalem before arriving in Bethlehem to worship the newborn king. Matthew 2
Wed, Jan 06, 2021
Passage: Exodus 3
Duration: 38 mins 26 secs
We continue to study the Exodus Generation and Golden Calf Worship in Exodus 32-33. We are pressing through the Acts 27 storm while embracing Ezekiel’s vision of the “open heavens.” The “Exodus Generation” commenced with the birth of Moses, however their deliverance awaited his preparation of forty years in Pharaoh’s house and another forty years “enduring” in the Midian Desert. Moses, though content to dwell with his wife and family as a mere shepherd was challenged to return to Egypt after beholding “the Great I am” in the midst of a "Burning Bush." (Exodus 3) We are being challenged to “turn aside” and to comprehend Christ’s First Advent in preparation for Christ’s Second Advent.
Sun, Jan 03, 2021
Passage: Romans 16:20
Duration: 39 mins 59 secs
In this message we will speak of the perils of Paul and his personal sacrifice as well as his revelation and doctrine.
Sun, Jan 03, 2021
Passage: Isaiah 28:21
Duration: 48 mins 38 secs
Isaiah calls God's Judgments His Strange Work, His Strange Act. One must understand God's Attributes to understand why His judgments are called Strange. We will deal with that in this lesson. To understand God and His ways, we must understand His Nature that it is divine.
Sun, Jan 03, 2021
We will be reviewing the year of 2020 as “vision viewpoints.” We continue an exposition of Hebrews chapter one that will reveal the three “wombs” birthing the Lord Jesus, as Messiah. We again reviewed God speaking “of His Son” in “times past” of 4000 years, through the prophets using “divers” ways and “manners.” This included God speaking “expressly” speaking through Abraham and the Nation of Israel over the past 2000 years. This was defined in Psalm 40:7 and Heb. 10:7 as the “volume of the book” preparing Israel for the birth of God’s Only Begotten Son from the “womb” of Mary, a virgin according to Galatians 4:4.
Sun, Dec 27, 2020
Duration: 38 mins 44 secs
The Apostle Paul was given the Divine Revelation of Grace and Glory which was kept secret until the Church Age. In this message we will address this Revelation made known by God through the Apostle Paul.
Sun, Dec 27, 2020
Duration: 37 mins 18 secs
In this lesson we will discuss the Last Days as Perilous Times which has occurred in the year 2020 and will continue into the year 2121 when we believe we will soon see the coming Glory of the Lord with a powerful move of the Holy Spirit.
Sun, Dec 20, 2020
Duration: 54 mins 10 secs
In this Christmas message we will look at the Hebrew year 5780 (2020) which in numeric form represents the word "mouth." The Angel Gabriel delivered a specific message from the mouth of God to Mary in Luke Chapter 1. Through those inspired words we overlay a prophetic word to a small remnant waiting the "overshadowing" glory and move of the Holy Spirit in these last days.
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