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35-D-JCC-08-31-2022 The Exodus Generation

We continue study of the “Exodus Generation” as an “ensample” of Golden Calf Worship in both Israel and the Church according to Ex. 32-33. We are concluding the study of “Babylon the Great” yet to be revealed in Rev. 13, 17, & 18. In this message we addressed the Acts 27 storm both, literally and spiritually and believe as the Lord delivered the Apostle Paul in order to finish his course in Rome, He will also deliver us as a remnant the Church and our Nation from the present threat of the Revived Roman Empire against our nation. In this message we spoke from John Chapter 20 and Mary’s visit to Garden tomb when it was yet dark. This may be a type of a remnant seeking the Lord at the dawning of the greater Third Day, as the Day of Christ. Christ appeared to comfort Mary before His ascension. We believe Day of Christ as the “greater third day”is shrouded in mystery and obscured by the darkness of unbelief. We must continue to hold the patterns in scripture of the “Seven Good years” as “times of restoration” of the Church to be followed by the “Seven Evil years,” as we continue to wait on revelation knowledge.
Speaker: Pastor Jolene Cooley
Series: The Golden Calf Worship
Date: August 31, 2022
Download: 35-D-JCC-08-31-2022 The Exodus Generation
Plays: 1
Scriptures: John 20
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35-D-JCC-08-31-2022 The Exodus Generation

Pastor Jolene Cooley
August 31, 2022 7:00 pm

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